Order Repeat Prescriptions Online

Order Repeat Prescription Online

Please allow 48 hours for prescription to be authorised prior to collection from the pharmacy or from surgery.

Repeat Medication

If your doctor agrees that you require regular medication you will be issued a ‘repeat prescription’, you do not need to see the doctor all the time. Did you know there are different ways to get your prescription.

In person

On collection of the prescription from your surgery or Pharmacy you will be issued the right hand side of the prescription which you need to retain for re ordering.

We regret that we are no longer taking prescription request for repeat medication over the telephone. If you have lost the repeat slip you can obtain a copy from the surgery or alternatively hand write the medication details on a slip with your full name and address.

Via Patient Access

To arrange access you will need to present at the surgery and provide a copy of your ID(Passport, driving licence , utility bill), Once we have enabled the access you can then use the link here, or directly from a laptop, or other device.  On Patient Access it is also possible to arrange to view your medical records which you can request from the surgery.

Via the NHS App

The link for this is Click here to get the NHS App.

Electronic Prescription Service(EPS)

EPS- is a secure and confidential service

The doctor will send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy you have nominate (choose), saving you time, by not having to collect your prescription from the surgery. You have the choice about where your medicines can be collected, from a pharmacy nearer to where you live, work or shop.

You don’t need a computer to do this.  Just ask any pharmacy, dispensing appliance contractor or GP to do this for you. You can change this at any time by telling them in good time before your next prescription is due.

Once set up, repeats medications are done by ticking the selected boxes and taking the prescription to your pharmacy. Please ask at the pharmacy for an indication of when the prescription will be ready.